Should You Invest In MLM Business Coaching

Should you invest in coaching for your network marketing business?

A lot of people are afraid of investing in the coaching.

Me also, the same thing.

I was getting some support from my company, but then it wasn't enough, because I wanted to go a different direction.

I wanted to build online, but my upline, my mentor, had been building offline, and they're not as open to build online. 

They actually were kind of stopping me to build online.

So, I had to find coaching. I had to find somebody to actually help me to learn the online strategies.

In this episode of Benjamin Pang LIVE, I'm going to share with you what to look for when you invest in coaching. 

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Keep reading to learn more about investing in coaching and what to look out for!

I was literally googling "Network Marketing" and "How to build online", things like that. 

Eventually I found my mentor, which taught me how to grow my business, and I went from zero retail online to 5,000 in just three months. It's pretty crazy. 

I'm going to tell you two unknown facts that you need to be aware of when you are looking for coaching.

Number One: Your Motivation Comes From Within

Let's say you're maybe struggling, you don't have a direction as you're building online because you may be doing coffee meetings, and it's not really working out.

Maybe you're driving around town to home parties, but there's "no show" or people don't buy from you.

You're looking for a way to really get that huge momentum in your business to get a lot of reps, to get a lot of new customers.

When you're looking for coaching, don't look for someone to fix you.

What do I mean?

If you think that you have a problem, maybe you are procrastinating, you are not doing the work, and when you invest in the coaching, you think that person's going to fix you.

They are going to make you magically do all this work and voila, you make tens of thousands of dollars in your network marketing business.

I've got to tell you, like really straight forward, that's not going to fix you.  

Your motivation comes from within. It's from your heart. 

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Do you really want it? Do you have a burning desire? Do you have this propelling reason? Do you want to retire your parents? Do you want it bad enough?

Can you live with just getting by and not retire your parents? 

A lot of people say fancy things, like, they want to retire their parents. But at the end of the day, they don't want it bad enough.

I'm sure you kind of have that same mentality for a certain period of time.

You wanted to spend more time at home with your kids, but you don't really want to spend more time. 

Maybe you really want to go to work. Because you got comfortable with that.

I got comfortable on my first four years of network marketing business. I worked a six figure, in Manhattan, and I wanted the time freedom, but I didn't want it bad enough.

Number Two: Coaching is For Growth

Number two is that you need to find somebody that can really help you out.

What do I mean by that?

If you want to build online, you don't just want to follow somebody that will teach you the same strategy over and over, like the traditional strategies.

What you want is really to find somebody in the area that you want to grow in.

Before you invest, a lot of people stop here.

They don't think they are worth investing in. Meaning they don't trust that their worth the investment.

You want to pay for a thousand dollar coaching but you're afraid of doing it because you don't think you're worth that investment.

I got to tell you, you have to break through that because you, if you don't trust yourself, nobody is going to trust you.

None of your down lines are going to trust you, none of your prospects are going to trust you. 

Unless you're willing to invest in yourself and into a coaching program, you're not going to grow.

Because you're not valuing yourself, you time, your worth.

That's the bottom line. Do you think that you are worth investing in?

That's the pitfall or the little known facts that people aren't aware of when they are looking for coaching.

They just think that somebody is going to fix them or they are not investing because they don't think that it's worth it, don't think they are worth it.

If you want to grow ten times, you got to say to yourself, right now... "This is the right moment that you should invest in coaching."

You have to believe in yourself and not look for someone that is going to fix you. But to give you the direction and the proper support to bring you where you are.

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Is this helpful? Now you will know what to look for when investing in coaching!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Hope to see you in the next training, and have a good day!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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