10 Simple Steps To Brand Yourself In Network Marketing

Watch the video below to discover my top 10 network marketing branding tips for business, which took me from zero to 5-figure months in less than 60 days…

When you’re first starting your network marketing business, it can feel intimidating to think about branding yourself.

It can seem overwhelming and scary…

And you might ask how would you even get started?

Well, I’m here to tell you that…

Branding is not something to be afraid of!

In fact, it will happen naturally if you follow my top 10 tips to building a kick*ass network marketing brand that resonates with your audience.

So let’s get started...

YOU are the most important thing about your business.

So build your brand around you!

Use your name.

Obviously, I use “Benjamin Pang” because I’m Benjamin!

You are what makes your business unique and you are what your customers are investing in.

So make YOU the focus of your brand.

Know Everything About Your Audience

If you don’t know your audience, you’re going to have a really hard time.

So you need to know everything about your audience…

  • Are they men or women?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they do?
  • What are their pains, frustrations, needs, wants, and desires?

…otherwise, you can’t create content that will be relevant to them.

You also will end up wasting a ton of money if you don’t know who to target, which no one wants to do.

So make sure you study your market carefully and never stop asking questions.

Make Your Tagline Crazy Specific

You need to let your audience know what you’re going to DO for them right away.

Look at my tagline, for instance:

banner for benjaminpang.com

Teaching Network Marketers Online Strategies That Work. No Hype.

What am I going to do for you?

I’m going to teach you online strategies that WORK, right? No Hype! =)

Don’t be vague, tell them exactly what they’re going to get from you and how you’re going to make their lives better.

Take Professional Pictures

Just like with making your name your brand, you need to have high quality pictures of yourself.

Whether you have a friend take some shots or you get them professionally done…

Quality photos catch people’s eye, make you stand out, and show your credibility.

Don’t take this lightly, it’s more important than you might think!

Become An Expert

You know your target audience, so you also know what your prospects are looking for.

Now become an expert in exactly that.

Pick the one or two things that your audience comes to you for, and know that niche backward and forwards.

It could be health and wellness, physical fitness, network marketing training, or even online traffic generation.

For example, recruiting with Facebook Sponsored Posts or shooting Facebook Live videos.

Don’t try to be an expert in everything, that’s just exhausting and might confuse your audience.

Love Your Story

You need to be able to recite your story in your sleep.

Your story is how your audience is going to relate to you.

Make your story part of your brand.

If you don’t have your story perfected yet, sit down, write it out, and perfect it.

This is your “elevator pitch,” so make sure it’s high impact, to-the-point, and benefit-driven.

Be Your Authentic Self

This is so important!

I said it before, but it bears repeating…

Your clients are investing in you!

You can’t expect anyone to give you their hard-earned money if you are not being your 100% authentic self.

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

People will like you and be attracted to you…for being YOU.

Be Consistent

Just like you need to be consistent in your business…

You need to be consistent with your branding.

Everything you put out into the world should be consistent with your brand, your message, and your image.

So be mindful to keep your aesthetic congruent across all your media channels.

Leverage Social Media

I built my business using social media, so I know what an amazing and powerful tool it is.

Importantly, you need to be where your audience is…

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Snapchat, etc.

…wherever your audience spends their time.

But remember, it isn’t necessary to be on every single social media platform.

You just need to engage where your audience is, and consistently post quality content that your audience will find valuable.

Put Yourself Out There

This is big…

You need to actually take action!

The more people see you, the more they see your brand.

So get on social media and put yourself out there.

Nothing is going to happen, unless you make it happen!

Now for a bonus tip…

Know Where You Want To Go

You need to have a vision for your brand.

  • What’s your message?
  • What’s your end goal?
  • Where do you want to be in five years?

If you don’t have a vision for your future, you’ll end up someplace else.

…and that someplace is probably not where you wanted to be.

So once you have a concrete vision…

Work every day to get your brand exactly where you want it to be.

And now that you know how to start building your brand…

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All the way to the TOP!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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