MLM Recruiting: Facebook Post Winning Formula

Have you wondered what to post on Facebook to recruit new reps or to generate more customers?

Today, I'm going to give you my exact formula on what to post on Facebook so that you can actually attract more customers and more money reps as well.

Have you experienced the moment that you post something and then you actually get backfire?

People say, "You know, I heard of that company, I heard of their product, it's a scam."

Or maybe you have thought of what to post but it takes you hours to come up with the actual post on your social media and you don't really know where to go from there. 

How do you use a Facebook post to actually help you recruit more reps and to generate more customers?

This is a question that I got a lot from my clients and from my network marketing team... 

"I know that I can recruit on Facebook but what do I post on my wall or fan page so that when people read it, they actually reach out to me to buy my product or join my business?

In this episode of Benjamin Pang LIVE, I'm going to share with you my exact formula and it involves three steps. Get your pen ready to write it down while you watch this episode!

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I'll share the exact formula below as well, so keep reading!

The Three Step Formula

  • Your Struggle
  • Your Discovery
  • Your After Effect

Your Struggle

The number one thing you want to say in your post is your before story, your struggling story.

Let's say we're talking about weight loss. ( Hint: It doesn't have to be your story. It can be a story of your friend or your customer.)

You can say, "I used to be 200 pounds."

You used to be 200 pounds and you have high cholesterol and health problems. You could hardly walk or exercise, you have difficulty finding your size, things like that. 

Paint a picture of the hardship of being somebody with 200 pounds so that they can relate.

Your Discovery

The second thing you want to say is your discovery.

You can say, "I had all these issues. Now, I found this new thing from my friend that completely changed my lifestyle. It helped me drop 10, 20, or maybe 30 pounds." 

It's up to you, it's your story.

You want to say what you discovered and how you discovered it. Maybe you discovered it from a friend or you just read it online.

People are curious... "​What is this new thing that you're talking about that helped you lose 30 to 50 pounds? What did you discover?"

Your After Effect

The final thing you want to say is the after effect.

Meaning, after you took this product or after you did this regimen or exercise, what's your after state right now?

If you have lost 50 pounds, great, but how did it change your life?

Are you able to find your size now, are you able to go to the mall and buy something without worrying, or now you can go to the beach and somebody's actually looking at you?

Or your boyfriend or girlfriend complimented you and actually appreciate you, love you more because of what you are right now because you have more confidence?

You want to describe what's the after state. They went from basically what they are right now to what they can be and they are curious because they want what you have.

They want what you have!

The Key!

Just remember the key point is don't mention your company or product name! That's the key.

A lot of people post before and after picture but they put their product or company name in there. And guess what?

People just go online and research themselves and they completely defeat the purpose of your post.

But if you leave out your product or company name then they're curious.

They want what you have and at the end of your post you can say, "If you are struggling with weight and you want a change, feel free to reach out to me and maybe I can point you to the right direction."

This is non-salesy and people will ask you if they want it and you're not even selling them something.

When people reach out to you, they comment on your post or they private message you, that's the perfect time to tell them your product or tell them about your business!

The key point is you cannot give away your product name or company name too early so that they lose curiosity. Lower resistance and create curiosity! ​

A Recap of the Three Step Formula

  • Number one thing you want to say in your post is your before state.

You were 200 pounds; you want to describe how difficult it is to be a person at 200 pounds.

  • Number two thing you want to say in your post is to describe your discovery.

Describe your discovery about this product that helped you lose 30 to 50 pounds.

  • Number three thing you want to say in your post is your after effect.

You want to say in your post how this has changed your life.

You want to paint a picture for them so that they can see it happening for themselves and they're curious into what you have to offer.

That three step formula is huge because that helped me to create $5,000 to $6,000's of sales in just three months, by just one Facebook post!

And Remember...

You don't want your team keep sharing your company name or a product with the product name on there!

People WILL go to Google and research and you'll lose customers right away. 

You want to post the right way so that it attracts more customers and generate new reps to you!

Any questions, drop a comment below!

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Is this helpful? Now you will never need to worry about what to post on Facebook!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Hope to see you in the next training, and have a good day!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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