How to Setup Facebook Fanpage for Your MLM Business

Have you been using Facebook to sell products and recruit new reps?

If you are still debating whether you should have a fan page for your network marketing business, check out this post about difference between fan pages vs personal profile.​

Now this is probably the most common question in my team when I teach about social media strategies.

"How do I setup a Facebook fan page???"

​3 Things Not To Do On Your Fan Page

Before I get star​ted on the technical details, you gotta have the right mindset when it comes to Facebook fan page recruiting and here are the 3 things you shouldn't do:

  • Don't mention your company name
  • Don't mention the name of your products
  • Don't include links to any company signup or product page.

The reason is people are not interested in what YOU have. The whole purpose of using a fan page is to provide value and attraction people to you.

Now what's the right way of setting up a fan page? Watch today's show to find out.

Learnt some goodies from the video? Go create your Fan page now!

​If you think this will benefit your team, feel free to this post.

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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