How to Generate 1000 MLM Leads

Today I'm going to teach you how to attract 1,000 people to your business!

You've talked to your friends and family and a lot of them say no to you, or they all say no to you. And you're sick of it.

You move on to cold market.

But when you go onto social media to prospect people... those people don't know you. They don't come to you for anything.

You reach out, they feel awkward, and they know that you are prospecting them. 

In this episode of Benjamin Pang LIVE, I'm going to share with you how to attract those people to you, attract 1,000 people! I'm going to teach you to how to generate your first 1,000 people to you exactly how I did it in the past three months.

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Keep reading to see how I did it ...

I reach out, every month, to 300 people.

BUT it's all automated by using the Internet and I have to tell you, those prospects are waiting to hear from me! (Instead of me having to reach out and actually prospect, or bug them on social media.)

1. Where Do Those People Come From?

Where are you going to get people that are most likely to be interested in what you have?

For example, if you're in a business that sells wellness products or supplements, where are you going to find them?

Tip #1 - Google them!

You can actually Google the leaders, the cultures, the authorities that are selling supplements.

You can search for GNC, for companies that are selling supplements, or search for top coaches that teach wellness, and you can find a list of people or companies to follow. 

Tip #2 - Follow Them!

Once you found these people or companies, they don't actually help you, because they are selling their own supplements and products.

BUT they have a following, a huge following, on the Internet.

If you go to Facebook and type in their name, immediately you'll see there is a Facebook page with that company or coach.

Go into their page and see who is actually leaving the comments or asking questions there. Do you think that those are highly targeted leads for your business? Absolutely!

Because they are interested in wellness, they are interested in supplements.

Let's say you are not in wellness, you can still use exactly the same strategy for your product or industry!

Now you have people that are highly likely to be interested in your product and in what you have!

2 - How Do You Get Them to Trust You?

Now here's the tricky part, people think, "I'm going to reach out to those people directly, I'm going to add all of them and I'm going to private message all of them".

Here's the thing... they still don't know you. Even though you found them, they don't know you.

How they get to know you, to like and trust you, is by hearing what you have. You have to teach them something.

You have to give something valuable to them, so that they look at you and think, "Oh, Ben has something to say." You can do that by Facebook Live or you can do that by just writing a short post.

3- What Should You Give Them?

A lot of people are like, "I don't know what to teach."

There's a lot of content online. Again, Google what you want to teach, and read it, and teach it. This is a key concept, even though it sounds very simple, a lot of people are not doing it.

Once you start doing it, your business will completely change. This is how you offer value.

When you build up a following on Facebook, what you need is a very simple website and an email system.

When people come to your website and they want more of what you have, they will give their email to you.

This is how I've been building my list and when they give me their email, that's how I can follow up with them. 

I can ask them, "Hey, how you doing, your company, if they're happy..."

I'm going to offer to teach them how to use social media strategies to grow their business, their sales or leads, and if they're not happy, of course I'm going to tell them, "Hey, I'm building a team in my company, would you be open to options?

BUT first, you've got to give that value. 

The only reason why people give their email to you is because they want to learn some things from you.

4 - How Do You Automate It?

The next thing is you need to have something to sell.

Don't go out and run Facebook ads immediately, you need to do this step-by-step!

Also, don't think that you have to put a lot of money in. If you do it right, if you have something to sell, your company's product or something else, you will be able to make that money back.

Isn't that cool? If whatever you sell is going to cover your Facebook ads? Whatever money you put into Facebook ads, you can potentially make even more then that.

That's the beauty of Facebook marketing and Facebook ads!

It's all automated and you can make sales from people that you don't really know. And you can grow this, you can 10 times this, easily!

This year, in just three months, I built a list of 1,000 people. And those people didn't know me. BUT, now they do, because they know what I'm offering to them and some of them are buying from me too!

That's how I cover my Facebook ad cost and also I can get to know 1,000 new people. Automatically. I did not send any personal messages to them.

This is how you can basically use this simple strategy to build an email list or name list, of 1,000 people!

And don't worry if you have a lot of questions, I'm going to include a free training so that you can start learning how you can do this, and completely change how you run your network marketing business!

No more going to the mall to prospect, no more going to random places to know people, or just spamming on social media.

If you are constantly bugging people on social media, that you know or may not know, then it's time to learn the new strategies that are more effective.

I use to spend hours to travel to certain place, meet a person and that person doesn't even qualify!

I work in the investment banking industry as an IT consultant, I am so busy. I work 10 hours a day easily and after work I have no time and I still have to go to home parties and hotel meetings. 

BUT now, using the Internet, I can do a lot more.

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Is this helpful? Now you will know how to generate 1000 MLM Leads!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Hope to see you in the next training, and have a good day!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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