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How a “Funnel” Can Help You Recruit 300 Reps?

 Today, I want to cover this really important concept called a “funnel”. What is a funnel? It’s not the funnel that you use to make your coffee! This funnel is going to help you recruit a lot of reps or help you to generate a lot of customers in your company.In this episode of Benjamin Pang LIVE, […]

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How to Pick the Right MLM Company to Join?

Recently, some of my clients actually asked me… “What’s a good company? What’s the right company that I should join?” “My previous company, something happened, it closed down, or they’re just starting out. Which company should I join?”Here’s the thing – no matter if you’re starting out new or you have been a veteran, you want to […]

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3 Golden Questions to Close Prospects

How do you close prospects into your business or to buy your product? Recently, I attended $20,000 MasterMind and we were all talking about how to actually use marketing to attract more people to our business or to sell more products. And there was always one question… Even if you have a perfect marketing system, you have a […]

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