Why Top Recruiters Are Almost NEVER the Top Earners

This past week I was doing some active prospecting on LinkedIn, having some great conversations with couple individuals who are sick of what they are doing and looking for a change...but you won't believe who else I came across...

A lady (let's say her name is Candy...) who used to be the TOP RECRUITER in my company and later on I found out she quitted!

Candy was recognized on stage multiple times, her pictures were all over the company's magazines... the immediate thought in my mind was ... "what happened???"

More on that in a minute...

Have you ever thought of being the top recruiter in your company? Standing on stage being recognized?... Is that one of your goals?

And be honest with you, it is one of my goals. I love recruiting! Ultimately we want to build a big team and the only way is to have PEOPLE joining your team!

But would you want to be a TOP RECRUITER? or TOP EARNER?

Ofcourse, we are all about making the money (and residual income!) but if you are recruiting but not seeing any money coming in...

This post will be really helpful to you.

Before I get into how you don't want to be the TOP recruiter that makes no money...

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Now about what Candy's done wrong...

Without being rude, I congratulated her previous achievement in my company, we had some small talk, and finally I couldn't hold it anymore. I prompted, "Why did you leave the company when you were one of the top recruiters?"

Guess what she said?

"I used to have a big team in your company, but then nobody was making money in my team except me, so I quit", straight copy from her response in LinkedIn!

Sounds familiar?

I heard this story many times, and in my mind, I responded...

“That is Why Top Recruiters are Almost NEVER the Top Earners”

Our conversation didn't last long, because she was trying to pitch me about her "new" business, but I left her with this...

"Were your team producing volume?..."

(If you don't know what I mean, read on...)

You see, it has been my experience that the biggest earners in the network marketing space were NOT necessarily the top recruiters of the company, because a legitimate company doesn’t pay you to recruit people.

They pay you to produce volume (i.e. product sales) and teach others to do the same.

So what a TOP EARNER in a company has figured out is that they need to grow a big organization IN DEPTH, NOT just in WIDTH… and those reps in depth need to produce volume (i.e. be quality leaders).

The true secret to building a stable 6- and 7-figure business in network marketing (or any other business for that matter) is actually to have greater emphasis on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

How to Make 7-Figures By Recruiting FEWER People

A friend of mine, Brandy, who’s spoken at a master mind event for network marketers, built a fast growing 6-figure business in less than 2 years having only sponsored 15 people into her personal business.

The true secret is to recruit quality over quantity

TOP RECRUITERS on the other hand are SOO GOOD at recruiting people,

a) they spend the majority of their time recruiting, because that’s what they are good at,
b) most people they sponsor are not cut out to be sponsoring ‘monsters’ so there’s no duplication, therefore no depth is created, and
c) there is usually little emphasis on product volume, because there is so much emphasis on recruiting.

The big one here is b), because let’s face it — most people suck at being entrepreneurs and no matter how much you try to motivate, train or love on them, 90% of people won’t ever do much in their business.

Remember my last question to Candy about whether her team was generating volume?

Well when a team is not 1) selling products and 2) building a team, they don't generate volume and therefore no commission checks. Eventually they fall apart like Candy's team.

Now, can top recruiters also be top earners? Sure but you’ll find that top earners tend to focus more on training & building leaders.

Now you may ask... "How can I find quality leaders?"

Well you don't. Surprised?

You think like a TOP recruiter, eventually you will tend to recruit just about ANYONE that's 3-foot from you without qualifying because all you want is a "sign-up".

So here’s what top earners do instead — be very selective, qualifies people by asking questions, finding out their pain, rather than recruiting them on the spot.

And if they have a STRONG why and are open to opportunity, invite them to look at your business.

Otherwise, they can be great customers! In fact, top earners turn majority of the people you prospect into customers, and very few will qualify to be business builders, unless they go through a qualification process.

And frankly, that’s how I promote as well, except instead of doing 1-on-1 conversations to qualify folks, my qualification process is actually automated online using something called ‘attraction marketing.’

How To Automatically Get a Steady Stream of HIGHLY Qualified ‘Entrepreneur Minded’ Prospects

Now before I explain how this works, I just want to share with you what ‘attraction marketing’ is NOT!

Attraction marketing is not spamming people on social media with private messages and posting your sign up link on people’s News Feed.

Now if you are currently doing that, you might want to stop =)

I can’t tell you how many folks in network marketing think they are doing ‘attraction marketing’ or Internet marketing, by sending dozens or hundreds of private messages to strangers per day.

Nothing could be further than the truth..


In fact, ‘attraction marketing’ is a completely passive activity (i.e. you aren’t messaging anyone) where people actually send YOU their contact information, so they can learn more about your product or opportunity.

In some cases, it’s your opportunity and in other cases, it’s a product.

But here’s the deal, just because someone shows an interest in your business, doesn’t mean you’re going to sponsor them or want to sponsor them. It means that they need to demonstrate that they are a good fit your business and this is done using something we call in the online world a ‘funnel.’

A ‘funnel’ consists of a series of short steps, which is designed to replace the 1-on-1 interaction my friend and fast growing 6-figure earner Brandy, would normally have with a prospect to qualify them.

But If You are Busy Like Me, Working 60-80 hours a week… It Will Be Really Challenging To Build Offline

Online, it’s a whole different situation because a prospect would come to you requesting for information about a product or opportunity without you wasting time qualifying them 1-on-1.

And they are probably super impressed by the fact that they found you online and probably want to know how you did it too!

I generate hundreds of prospects every day for my business, yet only a fraction of them qualify to be leaders in my business.

Attraction marketing is a completely passive activity

The majority actually become my customers, which is awesome, because they pay for my ad costs and overhead.

If you want a breakdown on how you can setup your own ‘attraction marketing funnel,’ I put together a free 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, which you can access right here.

More and more top earners are taking advantage of ‘attraction marketing.’

Many top networkers already have a massive online presence.

And you know how the saying goes…

“If you want something, find someone who has what you want, do what they do and you’ll get what they got”

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

PS. If you got questions about building your network marketing business, click here to chat with me! =)