Untold Strategy Helps Busy Moms To Build a Huge Network Marketing Team Part Time

Today we're going to talk about the untold strategy that will help busy moms to build a huge network marketing team part time!

I have a friend who is a busy mom, she has six kids!

And she was doing everything she could to build her network marketing team.

She was following her upline, traveling between towns, doing home parties, hotel meetings, and all of that stuff.

But she couldn't get that momentum in her team. She tried, but she couldn't get the results that she wanted.

Because of that, she basically switched gears and then turned to a totally different strategy!

In this episode of Benjamin Pang LIVE, I'm going to share with you an untold strategy and how it can help you build your team.

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Keep reading below to hear more about this untold strategy that a busy mom used to build her network marketing team!

A lot of uplines don't even know it, and don't even teach it.

Her upline told her not to do it. She was getting a lot of objection from her upline.

Imagine that!

But now, guess what? She literally five times her team, using this new strategy that I covered in todays video. 

Her upline even turned back to her and say, "You know, I don't know what you're doing, "but whatever you're doing, is working."

And I'm going to tell you how you can do it if you are a busy mom with kids and maybe taking care of also your husband.

It All Starts With Facebook

It all starts from creating a Facebook fan page.

Everybody has Facebook.

A fan page allows you to build a brand around yourself. 

You can talk about different things, maybe about the health industry if you're selling a healthy nutritional product.

So first, create a fanpage. You need to have a fanpage so that you can put content on it.

My friend, her name is Brandy, remember busy mom, six kids! Brandy created a fanpage.

She started teaching her fans about how to build network marketing with her strategy, which is this online strategy, leveraging a Facebook fanpage.

Learn, Teach, and Earn

She was teaching this concept called Learn, Teach, and Earn.

She was learning about different network marketing skillsets and strategies, and then she was teaching it on her fanpage.

And by leveraging this concept, she was earning by basically talking to her followers, her fans.

Because some of the fans, they don't have a company. Or their company just shut down or they are tired of their current company, not passionate. They're looking to switch.

She was basically offering a way for those people, for those fans, to switch over to her company.

And that's the moment she started earning. She started expanding really fast.

And over time, she attracted quality, very quality, leaders, which wanted to use her online strategy to duplicate fast. 

So that they don't have to do the home parties, or hotel meetings anymore.

It is Time to Adopt New Strategies! 

I used to do a lot of hotel meetings and home parties.

I took hours to set up, I was mixing the drinks, the shakes, setting up the tables, and people didn't show up.

Maybe they did show up, but they didn't buy.

And we take time to follow up, it's a pain. It's worth it, because that's how people have built it traditionally, since the 80's. 

But nowadays people are online, literally every minute. If you are to sell typewriters, right now, you're going to run out of business.

They're looking at their phones, so why can't we switch gears and adopt new strategies to build our business?

And Brandy, a busy mom, was able to do that and turn from home parties to using online strategies and now 5x her team, in just one year! 

Here's How You Can Do It...

I included free training on how you can actually leverage this strategy to build your team as a busy network marketer.

And if you have any questions, drop a comment below.

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Brandy was telling me she couldn't even copy and paste when she first started using her computer and using this online concept to build her team!

And now, she literally can handle it all. I'm told that she was able to 5x her team.

Imagine that you can do the same thing!

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Is this helpful? Now you will know how to build a network marketing team, even as a busy mom!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Hope to see you in the next training, and have a good day!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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