2 Simple Yet Little-Known Ways To Qualify Leads

Have you ever met people online.... set an appointment to meet about your business ... but NEVER showed up?

​I had a lot of those, and even if they showed up, they didn't show a strong interest and wasn't really serious about it.

ARhhhhh, frustrated isn't it?

I work at least 60 hours a week and to be honest, I didn't have time to ​waste... I just needed a few serious people to work with!

If you can relate, today's video will be a game changer to you.

​I am going to share with you two ways to qualify your leads BEFORE you meet them so that you don't waste your time traveling around town...

...sitting down at a Starbucks on a Sat afternoon which you should be with your family... just to find out your prospects have no money or serious enough.

Is this helpful? Now you will never meet a person unless you know they are SERIOUS about your business!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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