Tips for Creating Perfect Twitter & Facebook Posts

Social media was a major theme at International Convention this year, but your learning doesn’t have to stop there! Our goal is provide you with effective social media tips, tools, and education on our blog so that by the time the next event rolls around, you will be leveraging the power of online communities to build your business like a pro. So today, we’re going graphic to share our tips for creating the perfect Facebook and Twitter post–with social media infographics, of course!

The Perfect Twitter PostWhat’s in a tweet? Or, should we say, what’s in the perfect tweet? If you’re still working on getting acquainted with this social network, the question might be a bit daunting. But not to worry! Creating the perfect tweet is a lot easier than it sounds; just take a look at our Twitter infographic below!
Your message should include a call to action and interesting questions or useful facts. If you’re adding value and not just talking about yourself, your followers will be more inclined to engage with you. To be sure that you’re using proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling, check your tweet twice before you post it! Make sure to use correct @ mentions (i.e. @LorenRidinger) to appropriately attribute information to someone or when you want to engage another Twitter user in conversation. There’s nothing worse than mentioning the wrong person in a tweet, so be mindful about your mentions.
Since you only have 140 characters, use them wisely and leave space for retweets (RTs)! A good rule of thumb is to keep your tweet under 120 characters long (including your Twitter user name). This way if someone wants to retweet your tweet, they can do so without having to edit it.
During Loren & Steve’s social media presentation at International Convention, Loren talked about using bitly, which is a free link shortening service. While you have the option of creating a free account, doing so is not required to access their link shortening service. Simply visit their website and paste the link you want to shorten into the text box on their home page and click “shorten.” Bitly will generate a new, shorter link that you can copy and paste into your tweet. How easy is that?
The Perfect Facebook Update
Do you know what types of posts on Facebook get the most engagement? Or when you should post updates to get the most engagement? 

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