Say It with a Snapshot

We LOVE to share our favorite tips and tricks for building your business – especially when it comes to social media. Today we’ll tell you why you should ALWAYS include a visual aid with your posts.

When you log on to Facebook, you’re automatically taken to your Newsfeed. The Newsfeed is Facebook’s helpful way of keeping you in the know on what your friends, family and business partners are up to. It’s a quick look at everyone’s activity, status messages, and shares. It’s also the platform where your status messages, shares and updates are shown to your contacts!

You may have something great to say, but before you update your status, think about what catches the eye better:

“I just tried the best new supplement! You HAVE to get a taste of Opuvita!”


“I just kicked back with a cold glass of Opuvita! YUM! I’m going to have to order another bottle.”

Whether you’re talking about the latest product you love, or telling people where you grabbed coffee in the morning, you’ll catch more attention and get more feedback if you say it with a picture.

We hope you learned some of our favorite inside techniques for using social media to grow your business today.