Secret to Get Customers and Reps Without Home Parties

What's the secret to getting more customers and reps without doing home parties?

I used to do a lot of home parties. I was like a master at it.

I was traveling hours to my partner's home...

 ... setting up the home parties and laying out all the products. 

 ... waiting for the guests to show up.

Then we're going to have the home parties, or a home meeting.

I did both. I did all of it!

What I realized, quickly realized, is that my time ran out really quick during the week.

I have a full-time job! I work in Manhattan for investment banking and then I work 40 to 60 hour job every single week.

I have to be a part-time business.

When I first started my business, I was like, "Okay, it's part-time. It's no big deal, because I want residual income."

The thing is that I was always getting home late, because of all the home parties, hotel meetings, and also team training.

I was quickly burned out, and I was asking myself, "Is there a better way to actually create more customers and recruit more reps without all these events?"

In this episode of Benjamin Pang LIVE, I'm going to share with you a better way I used to get customers and reps without home parties!

How to recruit more reps using less time

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Keep reading below as I discuss that there IS a better way!

Is There a Better Way?

And the answer is yes!

I took a while to found this strategy, this secret that's going to help you to take your business to the next level. 

It's by creating a following online.

If you're not sure what it means by creating a following, it means that maybe you have a fan page.

You are constantly putting content on your fan page and people are coming to you, and looking at your content.

They see that, "Oh, this guy's pretty cool. I learned a lot of new things from this guy."

They might be clicking on Like Page, or they may be following you.

Just like how you land on a YouTube channel and you are fascinated. You are into every single video. 

It's because you are kind of addicted. You find so much value in it.

How Do You Create a Following?

How do you create a following fast so that you can turn them into customers or reps?

The secret is by providing tremendous value because you are basically trying to get the content information, or get them to like your page.

You're basically asking for their time. 

What do you have in exchange for the time? Or for the content information? 

If you are asking them to leave their email, or name on your website or on your fan page; what do you have of value that you can exchange for that?

I'm going to give you a big tip that you already have in your hand, (which is in most of the network marketing companies), they have blogs, they have educational materials.

Now, the key here is to take out all the company or product specific information out of those training, and put it into your fan page or on your website. 

Let's say you are teaching people how to lose weight.

Or, maybe you get a training from your company to teach how to lose weight with your product.

What you're going to do is take out all the information about your product, and just leave the part where it says,"This ingredient in this product is huge in helping you to burn fat." 

Maybe it's Thermochrome. Thermochrome is known to help you burn fat.

Talk about Thermochrome, instead of talking about your product. 

Stop telling about your product name or your company!

If people see your company, even if they haven't heard of it before, they're going to Google it. They may not even ask you.

If you leave out that information, and create that curiosity, you're providing tremendous value...

...Teaching them how to lose weight with this ingredient, with this new thing out there! which is called Thermochrome.

Now, Create a Next Step

At the end of your post, or at the end of an email, maybe at the end of your blog, you're going to put a very sleek, what we call a "call to action", meaning a next step. 

What I'm giving you is the next step. Now, you might want to buy!

You may or may not need to take it, because you may or may not be interested.

BUT, for those that are interested, you're giving them a follow-up, a next step, so that they know what to do next.

It might be going to submitting their email, so that you can send them more information.

Or, maybe it's straight to a site that is selling your product.

But, at least they have consumed value from you.

Now they feel a lot more comfortable giving their information, or giving even the money to you.

In some cases, it might be a sign-up page to your company!

That's how I recruited 300 reps in just seven weeks.

Seven weeks, 300 reps. Imagine that! 

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Here's the Secret

The secret is in how much value you're giving out in your fan page, social media post, email, blog post, whatever value that you're putting online.

The more value you are giving out, the more trust that you're building with your following.​

And when you ask for information, for money, for a sign-up, they are more likely to give you whatever you are asking for if they trust you!  

It's NOT impossible for you to create momentum!

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You can do the same thing that I did in 7 weeks!

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I hope you get a lot of value from today's live show!

Is this helpful? Now you will be able to recruit more customers and reps without home parties!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Hope to see you in the next training, and have a good day!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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