Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection to Build Your Business

No one ever rejected me while I was building my business!

I’m serious. You might be saying, “How can that be true?” Well, it is! They may have rejected my products or service but they never rejected me.  When you are building your business, your job is to find people who want what you have to sell.
Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? The problem with this is that most people miss this point. You can’t sell something to someone who isn’t buying. If you try to sell to someone like this, you’ll experience a lot of rejection because you don’t have what they’re looking for. You may need to change your approach and find out what they are buying.
How do you develop this mindset? It’s effortless when you don’t have as much vested in the outcome as you do the activity. I started my career in sales over 30 years ago when I was trained by Tom Hopkins. He said it took 29 “no’s” to get one ”yes”. I started every day with a list of 30 names and went out to get my “no’s”. It was part of doing business. You might say that I love “no’s” because they move me closer to a “yes”!  It is all in your mindset. It’s not personal, just business.
The Greatest Obstacle in a Business Person’s Mind is Fear
  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of the past
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the future
  • Fear of making a mistake
The problem with fear is that it’s a made up concept in your head!
There are only two innate fears that you are born with: fear of loud noises, and fear of falling. Any other fear is one that you constructed on your own in order to avoid pain or gain pleasure.
Your fears can be destructive or constructive. 
You must turn those fears into your best friend as it is your most powerful self-motivator!
Never seek career advice from your fears
Knowing you will get “no” is one aspect of getting over your fear of rejection.The other is knowing what you want, why you want it, and what you are willing to do to get it. Make sure you have a strong enough “why”. Our fears supersede what we really want if it isn’t a must. For example: if you saw a burning building would you run in it? Probably not, but if your child was in it you would forget your fears and run in to get them. Don’t you agree that is a strong enough why? When you have a strong reason to do something, everything else seems pale in comparison.The rewards will far outweigh the fear. Visualizing a clear end goal is imperative to being successful.
The Roots of Fear
  • Poor self-image
  • Surrounding yourself with negative people, events and things
  • Living in uncertainty
  • Lack of confidence in your ability, choices, potential
  • Lack of perspective
You can remove fear from your life and manage it! You can create positive affirmations to say to yourself every day, like, “every day in every way, I am getting better and better.”  Fill your day with positive books, tapes and people. Know what you want and follow the map to get you there. It’s only a matter of time.
F – Face
E – Everything
A – And
R – Rise
Every day you have a choice; you can choose to live in mediocrity or to go out and take what is waiting for you. The choice is yours. You can let your fears control you or you can Face, Everything and Rise above to have all that you want.