No Excuses Summit 8 To Be Held On Jun 8-11, 2017

What's No Excuses Summit?!

If you are in ...

  • Direct Sales
  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

and you want to double or triple your recruits and sales, build a massive team ONLINE without wasting time in home parties or hotel meetings...

You can't afford to miss this event.

Who's the founder of No Excuses Summit?

No Excuses Summit is the LARGEST Internet Network Marketing Summit in MLM history.

It was put together by Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos (CFO of Elite Marketing Pro, and my personal mentor!), now I believe Ferny owns it 100%. Nevertheless, the event brought together the biggest names in Internet based network marketing.

Who are speaking in NES 8?

For No Excuses Summit 8, it's no different. I am talking about big leaders like:

tim erway

Tim Erway
(CEO of Elite Marketing Pro)

Ferny Ceballos

Ferny Ceballos
(CFO of Elite Marketing Pro)

Kate McShea

Kate Mcshea
(Video Marketing Expert)

Vince Reed

​Vince Reed
(Founder of My Internet Traffic System)

Michelle Pescosolido

Michelle Pescosolido
(7-figure earner in Internet Marketing)

Bill Pescosolido

Bill Pescosolido
(7-figure earner in Internet Marketing)

There's more!  But like I said, an all-star lineup.

​Why attend No Excuses Summit 8?

​There are a few reasons I decide to attend:

  • LEARN the latest strategies myself and more important to bring the knowledge back to my team who can't attend.
  • CONNECT and build relationships with the amazing speakers and attendees.

Why can't you watch the recording?

Just like your network marketing company's convention, why can't you watch the replay?

Because that's NOT the point. The Internet can never replace one thing, which is ​the chance to BOND face-to-face and spend quality time with other people.

As much as we want to use the Internet to build our business and not leave our home, business is about RELATIONSHIPS, and as NETWORK marketers, we can never build a strong NETWORK by just using the phone or webinar, period.

Plus, do you know how much these speakers charge for a 60-min coaching session?

$5000 to $20,000 and up...!

See why you need to go physically? There's a saying "Magic moment always happens in the after event"


Day 1: Lead Funnel Building Workshop

​In this workshop, coaches on site will spend the entire first day to quickly getting your lead funnel (capture page, thank you page and email autoresponder), setup with a unique 'lead magnet' offer custom tailored for YOU!

Here's a brief overview of what the workshop will help you IMPLEMENT on Day 1...

  • Identify Your USP: Pin pointing what will set you apart from everyone else, and answer the one question all your prospects have… “Why should I do business with you?”
  • Your Website SET-UP: Forget all the techie stuff, the website & system is setup before you even arrive
  • Headline Perfection: We’re going to help you craft a headline that will stop your prospects dead in their tracks and pay attention to your offer.
  • Lead Magnets: Jumpstart your lead generation by creating your irresistible lead gettin' offer, and building a huge profitable email & contact list of new RED HOT prospects fast.
  • Thank You Pages: Quickly turn your leads into customers or new recruits with a simple welcome message, helping your pre-frame your offer and immediately boost those conversions. (This is the missing link for the vast majority of affiliates which is costing them big bucks.)
  • Autoresponder Setup: You’ll discover how to follow-up and get customers on autopilot, turning your lead funnel into a raging prospecting, recruiting and retailing cash machine.

Day 2: Driving Traffic And Getting Leads

​By Friday morning, your lead funnel will be ready for traffic.

It’s time to drive a surge of 1000’s of hungry visitors to your business and that's exactly what you will focus on within the first 3 hours.

You'll discover 4 of the most powerful Facebook Posts & Ads, proven to get people into lead flow and profits quickly.

In fact, the goal is to have your traffic campaigns up and running by the end of lunch on Friday, and then transition to more advanced training by elite networkers & digital marketers during the main event for NES8 starting later that day.

You'll get the inside scoop on tactics and strategies which you will explode your lead flow and snowball your results and profits!

Here's what you’re going to discover Friday Morning...

  • Facebook Likes Campaigns: How to rapidly build a following of hundreds or event thousands of followers per week on your FB Business Page (Fan Page).
  • Facebook Image Ads to Blog Posts: How automatically generate dozens of COLD to WARM prospects every single day, using 3 lines of text, a cool image and a 'borrowed' blog post (i.e. you don't have to write it!)
  • Facebook Video Ads to Capture Page: How skip blogging altogether and generate opportunity or customers leads - directly - with a simple video & your freshly built lead funnel.
  • Facebook Engagement & Messenger Ads: How to ditch the sales funnel completely, and setup ads, which will immediately get dozens complete strangers commenting or private messaging you, requesting more information about your business or products.


Once you got your funnels built and prospects flowing in, it'S time to get your hands on more advanced strategies, methods and tactics for optimizing, scaling your lead flow and minimizing your ad costs, while increasing the number of new recruits and customers.

These sessions will feature the biggest names and income earners in the network marketing & digital marketing committed to bringing your business into the 21st century!

​If you are an experienced networker or digital marketer, this is where the most cutting edge online strategies for 2017 will be revealed.

Here are just some of the topics that will be covered...​

  • Email Marketing & Copywriting
  • Copywriting for Offer Letters & Videos
  • Turn Simple Webinars Into Rapid Enrollments & Customers
  • Building Audiences & Retargeting Them on Facebook and Beyond
  • Recruiting & Selling with FB Lives & Other Forms of Video Marketing
  • Designing 7-Figure Recruiting & Sales Funnels
  • Building HOT Prospects Lists, Recruiting & Duplication with Facebook Groups
  • Lead Generation with YouTube, Instagram and Twitter Ads
  • Rapid Recruiting with Messenger, Video Chats & Monetizing "No's"
  • And Much More...

Just going through the list make me excited. But I have to tell you, the MOST VALUABLE part of the whole weekend is actually the after event!


You know it!

The most valuable part of any event is the networking opportunity. Sitting next to you could be the person who could become...

  • Your next business partner
  • A new member of your mastermind group
  • The next top producer for your business
  • Your next accountability partner
  • An already successful person, willing to share what they know with you

3 things you should do at the event:

  1. Bring your selfie stick! Get ready to interview the trainers and speakers to use on your blog or social media.

    The fastest way to get attention and build your authority IS to to associate yourself with other authorities and leaders!
  2. Get your PHONE charged and ready at all times. You never know who run into and want to connect with them real quick on Facebook or exchange contacts. (Maybe me?? lol)
  3. Take massive notes! and use those as content for your blog! A lot of people just take notes and they are like un-cashed checks... (a saying from Ray Higdon) sitting on your table. Don't let that happen to you.


GREEN VALLEY RANCH | 2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052

green valley ranch 01
green valley ranch 02
green valley ranch 03

Now no matter you decide to go or not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you satisfied with where you are in your business right now? 
  • What does success mean to you? Is it optional?
  • What are the consequences to not attend? What will happen to your business?

Honestly, I always ask myself that 3 questions when deciding if I should invest in personal growth, invest in ME.

I know I can't afford NOT to go, I can't afford to delay my business. I am determined to invest the time and money to improve my mindset and skillset in order to get MASSIVE growth in my business.

Now if you would like to see your options about getting a ticket, all the details about where it is and when, you can check it out here.

​Hope to see you there!

Chat next time...

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Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

PS. Got questions about No Excuses Summit 8?
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