How To Protect Your Hard-Earned Income When Your MLM Company Shuts Down

What can you do when your company is shut down?

Today, I want to cover an issue because just recently, the company that I was part of, basically discontinued its operation in my area.

And that makes me think that this could happen to any network marketers out there.

And I've heard a lot of the same scenarios from my clients. Their companies are shut down, and they don't know where to go from there.

And I recruited more than 300 members to this company, and sold more than $10,000 worth of product in just less than two months!

So, even though I was getting a huge momentum in this company, and it was shut down!

I'm sure a lot of you can relate because the company you are a part of, might be shut down as well. And you don't know where to go from there!

Today I want to tell you what you can do to help protect your income even though your company is shut down.

Why DO Companies Shut Down?

Number one, I actually want to cover why companies were shut down.

There are usually three common reasons.

  • The first one is legal issues because they're not compliant with the FCC, and when the government chases after them, and then they get into lawsuits, and they close down the company.
  • The second problem is bankruptcy because they don't have enough cash flow. That's most of the time. They don't have enough money to keep the company going and pay commission and to pay out to the distributors, and they have to close down.
  • Lastly, which is what's happening to me, is the termination of distributorship because the partners in the company was advertising or promoting the company incorrectly

It attracted a lot of lawsuits that the company didn't want, and they were forced to cease or to terminate all distributorship in that area.

And it's basically a company-wide effect, and nobody wants that.

These are three common reasons why a company will shutdown; and what can you do?

you have to BUILD A BRAND.  

Not to build a brand around the company, but the product or the industry that you're in.

In my case, I was in the cryptocurrency space.

I was building a brand of how people can invest into cryptocurrency instead of building a brand around my company name. 

Now, what I can do is work with the people that are attracted to me. I was building a following.

I have a Facebook fan page, people were following my page, and they were giving me their email address to get more information about my previous company.

Now, all I have to do is just to switch to another opportunity in the same industry. ​

I don't have to change any of the marketing materials on my fan page or on my website. All I have to do is change what's in the follow up materials. 

Building a brand is so much more powerful than just, you know, spamming on social media about your company.

You probably have seen a lot of this like people are promoting their company product on their Facebook page, and people know what's going on. ​

People are going to Google if they even want the product. They will Google and buy it. Sometimes, they don't even go through you!

But if you build brand around just yourself or around the industry --

Let's say you are in health and nutrition, you position yourself as a health coach, then you can go to different companies that you want without affecting...

...  the leads that are coming in.

... and the sales that you're generating.

Because what you are changing is just the OFFER.

What you are offering, maybe the product or the opportunity in the back end.

When you follow up with them, let's say they're interested, now you're just presenting a different product or a different opportunity!

You've got to build a brand, a personal brand, around yourself or the industry that you're promoting.

 So today, I've included access to Attraction Marketing Formula Course just for you!

It's training that's going to teach you online strategies that can help you create a brand around you and your industry, not just your company.  Click here to get access to this course NOW.

I was able to do just that, to build a brand about cryptocurrency education.

And now, I can go anywhere I want in the crypto space! 

This is huge, this is powerful, and if you haven't been building a brand, you have to start now! 

In case your company is closed down or you get terminated by any reasons, you can still take your following and go to a different company!

Is this helpful? Now you will never need to worry about your business being sustainable, even if your company shuts down!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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