Creating Opportunity through Social Networking

The Social Shopping Revolution is taking the world of sales and marketing by storm. Customers are turning to their social networks more and more, for word-of-mouth recommendations and product reviews. They don’t want to waste time shopping for products they know nothing about – they want to hear about the experiences of others. Shoppers of the social media era want to be a dynamic part of the product experience.


Facebook has become an incredible tool for shoppers and entrepreneurs alike to find the right products at the right time, all while getting to enjoy the experience with their friends. All it takes for a business owner to skyrocket to success is a little innovation and interaction.

One young entrepreneur has created a buzz about his business, taking advantage of his social network to match some people to products. Professional Coordinator Jason Barter used his know-how with Internet marketing to get his network talking. After sending free product samples to volunteers from his social networks, he sent each person a short questionnaire that helped him match participants to ma ® branded products.
Social media offers shoppers a unique opportunity to have a voice in their product satisfaction, and makes it easier than ever for them to share opinions. By creating a situation that starts a conversation, an entrepreneurial-minded individual can generate loyal customers and retail sales.
Utilizing Facebook to create sales and satisfied customers is all about engaging others and thinking about what they want and need. Entrepreneurs have to ask themselves how they can help customers discover a product that will improve their lives. Free products are a great way to stir up a buzz, but by following up the investment of a product giveaway with a simple, short questionnaire, Jason created a situation where he could uncover the wants and needs of potential customers. If a customer wasn’t interested in the free product after trying it, he could then recommend a number of alternative products that could be purchased through his business.
The first step is creating a conversation. It’s not about aggressively advertising products to people. It’s about sharing experiences, or asking others to share theirs. By inviting feedback – both good and bad – for a new product or a favorite product, a dialog develops that engages others throughout a network.
The most essential part of using social media to create a loyal, happy customer base, however, is follow-up. Without follow-up, the conversation ends, and the relationship grinds to a halt. The right questions can help an entrepreneur match a dissatisfied customer with the right product to meet their needs. Success is all about matching products to people and people to products.

It’s simple to transform a network of friends, family and acquaintances into a community of satisfied shoppers. Just like networking with individuals face-to-face, it’s about getting the conversation started and following up. People hate to be sold, but they love to buy; Facebook is a whole new way for people to find items they love to buy, without ever being sold! Start a conversation today, and discover how social media is today’s essential tool for business success.