How To Build a Massive Home Business Part Time Without Burning Out

Ahhhhhh - burnout!!!

Have you ever been burnt out running your home-based business and doing your full-time job?

Because I have been in that situation!

A couple years ago I was working a full-time job in Manhattan and I was working nine to eight, literally nine AM to eight PM.

And then after work, I have to go to home parties and hotel meetings, so I was out doing all those business activities five days out of seven. 

Imagine that I'm working the whole day facing the computer. I was tired!

Now, after work, I still have to go to do my business. And it's five days out of seven. I got home at almost 11 or 12 o'clock sometimes, midnight.

My girlfriend at that time was screaming at me, because I had no time for her and I, myself, was so tired.

What's My Way Out?

I switched to social media, hoping to​ reach more people and I can prospect anytime online

BUT still I was spending all the time, prospecting, responding to social media messages, facing my phone all the time. 

And then I was like "Okay, let me try something new."

Another way, which is blogging.

I was blogging so that more people can see my stuff when I'm not even awake!

Because when I blog, the article is online and people can look at it 24/7, and if they're interested to join my business or buy product, they will.

It's a lot more leverage than just prospecting on social media.

But even though I have that leverage, online leverage, still I was spending time writing.​

I was spending time still writing a lot and catching up with what's going on in the social media world.

I was still burnt out. Not as much as before, but my girlfriend at the time was still screaming.

Imagine, your family might have an objection. They might have objection saying,

"Oh, your life totally changed after joining your network marketing business because now you have no time for them."

"It's a scam."

"You took all this time and there's no return."

"A couple months went by, what have you done? How much have you earned?"

That's the most common line from our family. "How much have you earned?"

Even though it's hard to hear, think about this...

If you can bring leverage to your business, wouldn't it be a lot better? You can literally build your business and spend more time with them.

That's what I did starting last year! I was able to recruit 300 reps in seven weeks without putting in the time that I used to put in.

Without burning out.

I was literally just sitting at home and I was checking online once in a while. And it's all because I've set up a system!

BUT how can I do all this stuff while still working a full-time job? 

There's A Secret!

I'm going to share with you the secret, this neat trick that you can use for yourself to build your business too.

It's to leverage other people to do some of the work for you!

And the best place to do that is by going to

It's a site where you can hire people for really cheap, sometimes they're from Philippines, from other countries, so they charge really cheap.

Go to and whatever you're looking for...

...let's say using social media, you're prospecting...

You can hire people to manage your social media!

When you're working, when you're sleeping, you can hire people to answer messages for you. When you wake up, when you get off work, you can get more done!

Because when you're not free, you have somebody else doing the work for you for a really low amount of investment.

Or, if you're blogging, then hire somebody to write for you.

Because I, myself, am not good at writing. I'm terrible at writing, so I hire somebody else to write it for me, but it's cheap compared to how much I earn!

If you think that your time is not worth that much and then you go ahead and do all this stuff. It's time to change the mentality!

What's Your Time Worth?

If you are to earn a million dollar income, how much are you worth, or how much are you worth per hour?


If you're putting in an hour setting up a blog and your net worth for an hour is worth $60 dollars an hour and you're making a million dollars a year, compared to hiring out?

Maybe you spend $10, $20 bucks and get it done! You actually save a lot of money and time by hiring out, and the best place is

Here's my neat trick that I want to share with you...

Use, use other people, or leverage other peoples' effort so that you can actually focus on the important stuff!

The important stuff like following up or actually getting the reps started. Or maybe creating marketing materials, or maybe creating training materials, the stuff that only you can do!

A lot of people, I can tell you my team in the previous company, were all burnt out.

They're trained to work hard, but not to work smart.

How to recruit more reps using less time

If you want to work smart, definitely check out the training that I'm sharing.

You can learn how to recruit more reps using less time, without spending or wasting time, all this time prospecting!

Click to learn more now!

If you want to work smart, definitely check out the training that I'm sharing.

You can learn how to recruit more reps using less time, without spending or wasting time, all this time prospecting! Click to learn more now!

If you get more leverage in your business, you're going to have exponential growth this year and you're going to rank advance so much faster.

You've got to trust me, and I trust that you can do it!

You can make a well-informed decision for yourself whether you want to hire out or you want to do it yourself!

Get that training and learn how to leverage your time!

Have a great day. I will see you in the next training!

Is this helpful? Now you will never need to worry about not having enough time for the things that matter!!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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