5 Crucial Components to Follow Up Leads

How do you follow up with your leads through email?  

A lot of my team members and clients are asking me...

"How can I follow up with somebody through email?" 

"I have their email address, what's the first thing I should send them to increase the chance of getting a sale or getting a signup?"

If you are not good at writing, you don't know what to write in your email, this is a good place to start because I started with the same place.

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Today, I'm going to share with you five crucial components to include in your email so that you can get more signups and more sales through your email. 

Don't Be Salesy!

Your first email is like a handshake, and it's to build that relationship with your leads.

Don't rush into getting the sale by only saying "Oh, we're going to have this sale, and the deadline is coming up, buy now!" in big red bold text in your email.  

Don't be too salesy in your first email because the purpose is to build a relationship and there are 5 crucial components to build the relationship, get a signup, and get a sale!

Not sure how to sell without being "salesy"?

Watch the video below to learn the 5 crucial components to use in your follow up emails!

Keep reading below to see the 5 crucial components explained in the video! 

  • Acknowledge Them
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Tell a Story
  • Introduce a Solution
  • Open a Loop

Component #1 - Acknowledge Them

Acknowledge them!

Acknowledge that you know they actually gave you their email or subscribed to your email list or opted-in for a training.

People love acknowledgement and if you do that, you know they will love you more!

They will come back to you to consume your content because they know that they're going to get what they're looking for from you, which is acknowledgement.

Component #2 - Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself!

It's not just introducing yourself in a way that would bore somebody.

The purpose of introducing yourself is really to relate and to let them know who you are.

If you used to be a struggling network marketer, you can put that into an email.

When they read your email, they will be like, "Oh, he used to struggle like me, let me hear what he has to say."

Component #3 - Tell Your Story

Tell your story!

How many times have you heard from a person who talks about theory, concept, and you get bored?

But then you listen to a story and then you woke up!

Great example... I was at church, and the message was very conceptual, there's no background, there's no real example around the message, so it got boring.

But another week, the pastor was using a story and then I was, it was so captivating. The difference, the only difference, is that you are telling a story.

Tell your story and the purpose is to be real. 

If you paint a picture of who you are, in their brain they're like "Oh, you know Ben is this person..." and they can actually visualize who you are!

This will help them to build the relationship with you and be vulnerable.

If you used to struggle, tell them that you used to struggle in network marketing and now you have succeeded with this system, with this secret formula that you have.

Also at the end of your story, you want to tell them how you got out of your rut, and maybe it's the system that you're using.

Reinforce the benefit of why your lead signed up for your email. Maybe you're sharing that system, that secret formula that you use to build your network marketing business. 

Tell them, "Hey, you're going to get that exact same system that I went from struggling network marketer to now recruited 300 reps in seven weeks and look forward to learning from the training."

That's number three, tell a story, and at the end reinforce the benefit of what they signed up for.

Component #4 - Introduce a Solution

Introduce a solution!

You did a little of that in at the end of number three, but number four is to go into detail because you might be selling something.

You might be selling a health and nutritional product or maybe you're selling an online training to teach people how to recruit online.

You want to introduce this pay solution.

Remember, you should not be salesy because the first email is about building a relationship. 

It should be like a soft sell and don't go too hard-headed. Just encourage them to check it out so that they have something to look after for.

They might be looking to buy.

They might and it's great that you give them your free training, but they might be looking to buy an actual course so that they can learn faster, they can go ahead faster.

Definitely introduce the solution in a non-salesy way.

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Component #5 - Open a Loop

This is optional step - open a loop.

 A quick example is that if you have watched Game of Thrones, at the end of the episode, they always end with a scene that leaves you hanging.

It's like somebody got killed or you know something dramatic happened at the end.

You're like, "Oh, why you stop right now?"

That's an open loop. It's opening a loop in your head which keeps you curious, keeps you looking forward to the next episode. 

In your email, you can do the same thing. Say something that's curiosity provoking.

Maybe say that, say something like...

"Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you a shocking secret that I discovered throughout my six years in network marketing which will help you to x, y and z."

This way, they are eager and excited to look forward to your next email.

This is optional, but it will definitely help you to get more attention from your leads.

More attention meaning they're going to look into your product and maybe they're going to look into your opportunity.

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Build That Relationship!

But keep in mind - the first email is to build that relationship and what we call like and know, like and trust factor.

The more they like you or know you, like you and trust you, the easier they're going to sign-up or buy from you.

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I hope you got a lot of value from today's video, and if you have any questions just drop a comment below.

Is this helpful? Now you will never need to worry about what to send in your first email!

Feel free to share with your team so they can actually send out this follow-up email so that to increase the chance of getting a sale or getting a signup.😉

Hope to see you in the next training, and have a good day!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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