3 Surefire Ways to Rank Advance This Year

"Did you Rank Advance this year?"

I'm asking myself that question in the mirror and I want YOU to ask that question as well, because It's almost the end of the year.

We ALWAYS want to see if we are satisfied with our growth in our business or not. 

Today I'm going to cover 3 Questions that're going to help you do 3 things! 

  • To help you cause a breakthrough in the upcoming year
  • To help you rank advance faster
  • To Help You achieve your time and finacial freedom

Whether or not you're satisfied with your growth, there's always room to grow.

Or if you're NOT satisfied, then you want to ask these three questions to help you figure out what the next step is.

The First Question is "What Works?"

Or what worked in the last year? In the past year, what actually worked in your company?

What strategies did you do that actually worked? That actually got you RESULTS. 

Maybe you are doing a lot of home meetings and that works for you.

You want to write it down. Whatever that works for you, write it down

The Second Question is "What Doesn't Work?"

Let's say you are running home parties but it's very long and then you're traveling back and forth and even though you're getting results, but you are burned out.

Maybe your family's complaining and you're running across town, driving hours to get to a home party or hotel meeting. Even though you get results, it's NOT to the point that you want.

So that part might not work for you.

Or maybe you burned out your warm name list already. Your friends and family all know about your company.

Some joined, most of them didn't. You ran out of possibilities. Maybe that doesn't work because you have no name list anymore.

Pitching to your friends and family doesn't work anymore, so write that down.

The Third Question is ... "What Might You Do?"

Ask yourself what might you do? Given what has been working for you and what has not been working for you.

A lot of people, when they face obstacles, they kind of go into the rut and they KEEP thinking about why it doesn't work.

They KEEP thinking about this doesn't work, I've been wasting time and they go down this path where there's NO ending.

They kept complaining about what doesn't work.

If you just focus on asking these three questions and move on, I guarantee that you're gonna cause a breakthrough in your business.

Ask yourself what worked, what doesn't work, and what might you do next?

In your business, doing home parties is working for you because you get some results, but you burn out because you drive across town all the time.

You're wasting a lot of time. People don't show up. That part doesn't work.

What might you do next? Can you confirm you guests better? So that they have a high show up rate?

Can you actually bring your home party online so that you can actually run your business from home and it's much more duplicatable.

Not a lot of people can drive across town, spending hours to go to somewhere else, do your home party and go back home and do this Every. Single. Day. If not, every other week.

A lot of people have a full time job. They're doing the network marketing business part time.

You have to keep in mind what can be duplicated to your team.

So you ask what works, what doesn't work and what might you do next?

Let's say you're moving your home party online, so how can you actually bring this online?

You want to maybe learn the strategies, the online strategies that work for promoting your network marketing company.

With that said, I actually included a free gift in this post!!

 It's training that's gonna teach you online strategies that can help you to bring your network marketing business online so that not only are you reaching out to your warm market. Click here to get instant access.

Like people are seeing you on Facebook and they might be interested in what you have, But a lot of times you want to reach out to people that you don't know, but are interested, very interested in your product or in your business opportunity.

You want to learn how you can reach out to those cold market, people that you don't know.

You want to learn how you can build that trust and you can learn how to leverage your time and attract them to you without constantly doing networking events, one-to-one coffee meetings.

Because honestly, I've done them for years and nowadays with social media, it's not time efficient anymore.

So you've got to learn a new way - online strategies, how you can leverage your time more so that you can grow faster.

So you can expose your business faster.

Go to the post and check out the free training.

If you think that your teammate is burning out from home parties, they're running out of their name list because they've presented the business to all their friends and family already and are looking for a new way to generate leads and sales ...

.... definitely take a look at the free training and share this with them.

Is this helpful? Now you will never meet a person unless you know they are SERIOUS about your business!

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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