3 Golden Questions to Close Prospects

How do you close prospects into your business or to buy your product?

Recently, I attended $20,000 MasterMind and we were all talking about how to actually use marketing to attract more people to our business or to sell more products.

And there was always one question...

Even if you have a perfect marketing system, you have a website, you have a fan page, and people are coming to you, how do you close them into your business or to buy your product?

You always want to bring that personal relationship to the process, even though you're automating the lead generation.

In this episode of Benjamin Pang LIVE, I'm going to share with you...

  • How you can incorporate the new paradigm of advertising online,
  • How you can generate leads through your website or your Facebook page,
  • AND when a lead comes to you, how to actually close them!

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Not able to watch the video now? Keep reading to learn the 3 Golden Questions!

Don't Know How to Close?

If you're not closing a 100%, how do you close them to 80%, so that you're not wasting your marketing effort?

People often miss these three questions in their closing and that's actually sabotaging their business, because they don't see as much result as they could. 

Maybe you don't know how to close because you don't know what questions to ask! 

Three Golden Questions

Question #1 

The first one is "How much do you want to make?"

The bottom line is that you want to help them to make money if they are joining your business.

But you need to know, what's their target level? 

Some people want to make $10,000 or $20,000 in six months, but some people just want a couple hundred dollars extra through the business.

Help them to imagine! Help them think a little bit about how much do they want to make six months from now.

Now, you've set up the stage to think about how much money they want to make.

Now, you ask them, how does it feel if you can actually make that money?

Question #2

Now, the second question you ask them is "How would it feel if you can actually make that money?".

A lot of people buy something or make a decision based on feelings.

You want to attach that result to a feeling and actually trigger them in the thought process.

Have them think about "what would I feel if I can make $5,000 extra a month after joining your business and after getting the business up and running?".

If they associate it with the feeling, they'll be like, "Oh, shoot, I really want that! I can totally retire my job. I'll be free!"

Once they have that in their thought, they will make a decision because they are emotional at that point. 

Now you want to help them imagine a little bit.

Question #3

The third question you want to ask is "If you can wave a magic wand, what would you want your business or life to be, in six months?". 

Help them imagine what it would be! If they could get anything they want, what would they want in life?

Help them get a spark of creativity in their mind, and they won't be limited to what they know right now.

Maybe they're making only five figurse from their job, maybe they are living paycheck to paycheck, maybe they are struggling and living in their parents' basement.

They want to really crush it but they have this limiting belief.

By asking this question, "If you can wave a magic wand, what would you want your business or life to be in six months?", they'll have to think about it.

And maybe they'll say...

Actually, I really want to bring my kids to travel without worrying about my paycheck or without worrying about the credit card bill.

I really want to quit my job and actually free my husband from his job so that he can stay home more and be with the kids.

Maybe that's something that they want but they have never even thought about.

You need to trigger that thought process by asking them the question and actually giving them that magic wand.

That's the three golden questions that you can use to help close your prospects. It's really not a hard closing, because you are actually using their answer to field your closing. 

You're asking them for the ammunition so that you can use that to close them into your business or to sell the product.

Now, maybe they're telling you exactly what they're looking for and you're just associating your product or your business to what they want!

You're helping them to create that connection and you're making them emotional, so they make that decision right now and right there.

Today, I've included a link to my Attraction Marketing Formula Course where I share more advanced strategy on recruiting, on closing, and on marketing so that you can actually ditch the traditional way of building network marketing business. 

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Is this helpful? Now you will know the 3 Golden Questions to close your prospects.

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well 😉

Hope to see you in the next training, and have a good day!

Benjamin Pang
Network Marketing & Social Media Coach

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